2018-2019 Sensations​​

Madeline Benninghoff
Hannah Butterfield
Jordyn Comer
Mya Debruhl
Makaela Eaton
Jasmine Engle
Laura Farmer
Karli Koch
Reba Landrum
Sierra Mong
Raina Mosolf
Grace Murphy
Collette Plue
Abbi Price
Katie Richmond
Ashlyn Ricketts
Hailee Roberts
Farrah Stevens
Emma Swain
Shelby Swain
Ally Tabscott
Linzy Tabscott
Maddie Thompson
Alyssa Tummers
Grace Wheat
Haley Willey
Course Description
Sensations is our beginning-level, all-female concert choir, and their focus is basic choral singing techniques.  They participate in several concerts throughout the year and also compete at the ISSMA Choral Organization event.  Costs include a $30 dress rental fee and an optional class t-shirt.