Spotlighters and Madrigals

Payton Batchelor
Sally Blackburn
Shalaya Bolden
Jenna Briere
Olivia Brimmage
Angie Broom
Kaylie Coon
Jenna Crafts
Kayleigh Crocker
Charis Eicher
Carly Even
Abi Grimes
Carlin James
Kariden Jones
Libby Kasper
Jillian Koch
Christianna Lykins
Katelyn Piché
Helen Pilkington
Emilie Reynolds
Katy Shaffer
Gracie Smith
Ashli Striegel
Ashley Tabscott

Keegan Adams
Josh Biddle
Devin Byers
Jonah Cordray
Daniel Cornett
Nathan Dowden
Seth Epling
Evan Fowler
Karson Goodman
Ashton Greenup
Anthony Heavrin
Kevin Liles
Blake Maher
Zach McKinney
Logan Payton
Sam Pipkin
Jalen Schuck
Cody Spears
Josh Stumpf
Jaden White

Course Description
Madrigals and Spotlighters are our advanced, mixed concert and show choirs.  They participate in several concerts and competitions throughout the year and also compete at the ISSMA Choral State-Qualification event.  Costs include two performance outfits, music purchases, band and choreographer costs, and similar fees.  They also have the option of traveling on the spring trip.